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Today I will teach you some diagnostic methods for Nissan cars:

A frozen air conditioning Sylphy.

Failure phenomenon: the car for a period of time, for example, 20 minutes, air conditioning will not come out, but the noise is very large, it is obvious that the evaporator icing, blocking the wind out of the.

The diagnostic process for repair of evaporator icing Sylphy is very early, someone had summarized the principle of the first, simple, complex, the first change of refrigerant, in strict accordance with the 450 grams of filling the new refrigerant, and then not, replace the expansion valve, then replace the compressor. But for this car, the replacement refrigerant has no effect, replace the expansion valve, has no effect, the total does not replace the compressor. Finally, we open the expansion valve, observe the structure, pay attention to the expansion valve at the bottom of the adjustment screw, a screw inner six angle, the original expansion valve can be adjusted. We are base

Renault Alpine production sports car will be released or named A120

Recently learned that Renault Alpine Celebration concept car production version will be officially released on February 16, this new car might be named A120.

 Renault Alpine A120-1

From the foreign media exposed declaration figure can see, Alpine production version sports car (A120) compared to the previous concept car has some improvements, such as with a new front and rear lamps, in tail, the car canceled the concept car rear spoiler plate and the rear diffuser. Another source said, A120 will retain lightweight design, weight is expected to reach 1100kg.


In the lightweight design, the new car is likely to be powered by a 1.8T engine, so performance is worth looking forward, but the official has not yet been announced the detailed power information of this car. In competitors, the new car will be compete with Alfa Romeo 4C.


In test, the Renault Alpine production sports car A120 can still use Renault Can Clip to diagnosis all the system. Renault CAN CLIP Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software V

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Audi will release RS 6 Allroad or for the Chinese market

Recently, some overseas media reports, Audi plans to launch RS 6 Allroad models, the new car will combine high performance with cross-border concept, and is expected to be officially released in the fall of 2016, it was reported the car is mainly developed for the Chinese market.

 Audi RS 6 Allroad

A few weeks ago, Volkswagen has announced that it will postpone or reduce some unnecessary new car project, which saves the company money,  in order to cope with the huge compensation by emissions scandal. But recently German media exposed, after reduce some new car project, Audi RS 6 Allroad program will promoting as usual.


The new car will be based on the current Audi RS6 Avant models to build, and reference the design style of A6 Allroad to equipped with the new black surround kit and chassis shield, at the same time the new car will also increasing the height for the body, make the new car with crossover style. But in power, the car will still equipped with 4.0T twin-turbocharged V8 engine of R

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Lexus LC coupe powered information exposure unveiled in January

Recently, we learned from the foreign media, Lexus's new sports car LF-LC concept car production version will debut in January 2016 the opening of the North American Auto Show, the new car will be launched LC 500 and LC 500h two models, power system equipped with 5.0 L V8 engine and 3.5L V6 hybrid system.

 Lexus LC coupe

First, from the power can see, LC 500 will be powered by a 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated engine, maximum output power of 477 horsepower and peak torque of 530 Nm, transmission system match with 10-speed automatic gearbox from Aisin; LC 500h will be equipped with a newly developed hybrid system, the hybrid system consists of a 3.5L V6 engine and electric motor, in which the engine maximum output power of 313 horsepower, the electric motor maximum output power of 220 hp.


In addition, the car in future is expected to launch a high performance version model LC R, which will be be powered by a new 4.0L V8 dual electronics turbo engine, the maximum output power or up to 612 horsep

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The new Volkswagen Sharan June 2016 listing

posted on Nov 26, 2015| tags: Volkswagen Sharan VAS 5054A VAG VAS 5054A ODIS 2.2.4

Recently, we get a group of the latest spy photos about the new Volkswagen Sharan, the test car did not use any disguise. According to the information we received, the car will be officially listed in June 2016.

 Volkswagen Sharan-1

The new Sharan design is consistent with the current model, the new car front face still is the Volkswagen family design, car body lines and contours are basically unchanged. In the rear, the taillights internal structure has a slight adjustment,  the internal integration of LED light source.

Interior, the new car will be equipped with the new style multi-function steering wheel, center console screen size has increased. It is worth mentioning that the new Sharan imports may be provided by the same system equipped with App Connect with overseas models, by means "MirrorLink", "Android Auto" (Google) and "CarPlay" (Apple) support, in the new information and entertainment system integration of various applications.

In test, the new Volkswagen Sharan will still use VAS 50

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How to make BMW car key programmer with AK90?

posted on Nov 12, 2015| tags: AK90 BMW Key programmer AK90 car key programmer

AK90 BMW Key programmer increased by 1995-2009 in all BMW EWS read the key information functions; improved some of the EWS to read and write speed. This product safe and effective, is the key to match the best tool for BMW.

AK90 BMW EWS Key Programmer-2

Highlights of AK90 car key programmer:

Operation is simple, do not need to desolder CPU, reduced operational risk

Increase key and can applicable for key lost at all.

AK90 is currently the world's only supports encryption of 1D47J/2D47J safe online read and write device.

AK90 BMW KEY-PROG is a safe and effective key match tool for BMW EWS system.

It increased EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4 It can read all EWS key information from 1995-2005.


How to make BMW car key programmer with AK90?

1.remove the chip of ECU, ESL of your BMW car, insert it to AK90 diagnostic tool, then it will read the date information of your car.

2.plug the key into ak90 programming keys, which reads the data information of your car key.

3.the information of your car

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2015 SEMA: Ford display 3 kinds of F-150 modified cars

posted on Nov 05, 2015| tags: Ford F-150 Ford VCM Ford VCM II Scanner Ford VCM 2

2015 SEMA modified American Show, Ford unveiled three different styles of new F-150 pickup cars.

Ford F-150-1

First, the car uses a more classic Gulf oil painting, and the new facelift front bumper, rear bumper and anti-roll bars are use orange paint matching, the front grille is more domineering, in addition, this car also added lift kit and large size tires.

The second F-150 car is also sturdy, front and rear are replaced with relatively short  front and rear side rails, the wide-body kit of the body side is more highlights the under NITTO tire, and Forgiato wheels is also the one of the highlights.

Finally, the car is quite future temperament, white body with blackened headlights, black wheels matching will make the car looks very solemn, but also highlights the black trim added on the front fender, the rear cargo box cover is also designed with a rear spoiler.

The above three cars are all can still use Ford VCM to diagnosis all the system. Ford VCM II Scanner is a dealer lever diagnos

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The new Audi A8L 4.0T Sport more motion

posted on Oct 27, 2015| tags: Audi A8L VAS 5054A VAG VAS 5054A ODIS 2.2.4

Recently, Audi released the 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport models official picture, the car in appearance has more movement adjusted, its power adjustment also has improved. It is reported that this car will be launched focused on the US market.

 Audi A8L 4

Compared to the normal version models, 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport in appearance assembled more sporty body kit, which the car in both side of the front bumper adds black honeycomb mesh air intakes, the front bumper lip shape is also more radical, and for the vehicle to bring more low visual effects. In addition, the car comes standard with a 20 inches multi-spoke sport wheels, and also has a larger size 21-inch alloy wheels for customers optional.

Configuration, 2016 Audi A8L 4.0T Sport assembly 22 to adjust massage front seats, front seat heating/ventilation, Valcona leather wrapped seats, panoramic sunroof, with can start/stop function adaptive cruise, head-up display system, driver assistance systems, etc. In addition, the car will also pro

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GM MDI Scanner With Original Functions

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface is professional diagnosis & programming tool for GM group vehicles includes GM,GM NAO,OPEL,SAAB and so on. PLEASE NOTE: this one does not with WLAN function.


You can buy softwares for GM MDI from here:


Our GM MDI will have 100% diagnose & programming functions with those software.




MDI (from 1996 to 2013)

TECH2 ( from 1991 to 2013)                                     



MDI(from 1996 to 2013)

TECH2(from 1991 to 2008)

MDI is 4 times faster than GM TECH2 in programming.   



MDI ( 2KG)




MDI(more than 25 languages

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Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan accelerated slow response

posted on Sep 30, 2015| tags: mb star c4 mb star c3 MB Star Diagnose C4 SD Connect

A mileage of about 74,000 km, using the M276 engine Mercedes S350 sedan. Users reflect: the car during traveling appear ABS fault lights, ESP fault lights and engine fault lights often lit, when step on the accelerator pedal, the engine speed rises slowly.

 2012 Mercedes-Benz S350

Troubleshooting: Connect with MB Star C4 to read the engine system fault storage, accelerator pedal position sensor 1 on the positive short-circuited. According the fault code, read accelerator pedal position sensor 1 signal value, found whether loosen or depress the accelerator pedal, the signal voltage is always 4.9V does not change, no normal; while the accelerator pedal position sensor 2 signal value is normal. Check circuit diagram, find the accelerator pedal position sensor 1 and 2 shared 5V power supply line, according to data flow analysis, these two sensors 5V power supply situation should be normal.


Because the accelerator pedal position sensor 1 signal voltage always be 4.9V, suspect signal line and the engine

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